A Poem for Halloween

Hello, everyone,
I hope those of you in the valley will come to my free poetry reading this Monday,
October 29, at 7 pm at Thunder River Theatre in Carbondale. It is called Love, Death, and Halloween.  I’ll be reading with my friends Valerie Haugen and Kim Nuzzo, who also have new books out. We’ll be accompanied by cellist Sarah Graf.  The evening is sponsored by Aspen Writers Foundation and Thunder River Theatre. Please come!

Meanwhile, here is a Halloween poem for you all.


As they age, old vampires start to soften.
They seek out fewer victims. Even then, they steer
toward the sick, the dying. They oversleep–often–
delaying in their coffins well past moonrise. Here
and there, they pause to weep. They pocket
bitter souvenirs. Blood lust grows ever less hysterical,
shrinks to a flimsy craving. The oldest tourniquet
their prey, shame-faced baste up their wounds. An oracle
once said that regret can be erotic: That’s what
the graying vampire feels. Certainly, a raw priest
with a hair shirt and a rough cross, cut
into his flesh, has to be at least
as frightening as the vampire wasting on the shelf.
Tell me: Why would you fear an ancient like myself?

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6 Responses to A Poem for Halloween

  1. Diane Gage says:

    Always loved this one! And it just dawned on me your reading is on Monday – I had vaguely thought it was this weekend. xoxo D

  2. What a lovely poem, I would come to your evening but I live halfway around the world in New Zealand. A cellist, sounds divine. All the best.

  3. milesfrieden@bellsouth.net says:

    Good luck with reading tomorrow. BREAK a leg. so to speak.


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