If the Body’s a Temple


If the body’s a temple    then climbing
is praying.  There’s a prayer    in the timing

boot taps on the trail.     There’s a note    a throb
sensed in one step    the next   felt in timing

of heartbeat   of pulse beat    the rising pump
of each breath.  What’s the body’s own timing?

Its hum birth to death?   What’s the body’s rough
clock-tick    its engine   its psalm?    The timing

is rhythm   sweet bebop for God.   Listen
You hear it?    The body’s praise song?   Climbing.

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7 Responses to If the Body’s a Temple

  1. Climbing is prayer… a thought worth holding.

  2. I love the thought behind this lovely poem. This makes me think of Buddhist walking meditation, and climbing is such a good metaphor for spiritual growth.

  3. brian miller says:

    smiles…i like this much…hiking is often a prayer for me…a meditation ont he life around me…like the thoughts in this….

  4. poetrydiary says:

    This reads like the well-crafted poem it is – great writing and a superb idea beneath. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  5. Oh the hills are in your poem, and the peace of the living moment. Say hello to Hunter trail if you climb it for me. I used to lie on that big rock under that large aspen tree and read all afternoon. I remember I found Wind in the Willows there. What a joy!

  6. kez says:

    I’m not a climber but still loved this the rhythm and beat got me hooked thank you for sharing x x x

  7. Dick Jones says:

    This representation of ‘the zen of climbing’ put me in mind of Gary Snyder, not so much in respect of its style (your voice is resolutely your own) as in its linking of the physical and the spiritual. I loved it all, but especially ‘sweet bebop for God’!

    Good luck with the new book. I’ve just published too and shifting copies is a task!

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