A Fairy Tale Poem


Hansel and Gretel, betrayed by birds
their trail markers eaten, made it home

at last, their faces smeared with cake,
the witch’s hallucinogenic icing.

Still no one believed their story.
Even their glad father figured

they were overdramatizing.
Later on, they wondered

if it was then they lost their way.
Should they have stayed

in the dark gingerbread forest forever
instead of coming home to homework,

school, chores and chopping wood?
So soon they lost their sense of fear

and wonder, thrill and sway;
so quickly, they slipped back

into the throb and squabble
of the everyday.

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8 Responses to A Fairy Tale Poem

  1. gregposchman says:

    this happens to me weekly…..great work. g

  2. I really like this! That’s a good question — what happened when they returned to everyday life and to their father, who was too weak-willed to stop what their stepmother did to them? I love the idea that maybe they would have been better off just staying in the gingerbread house. I also like the image of their faces smeared with cake.

  3. brian miller says:

    why is it i really feel the need to mourn the loss of wonder…i sometimes wish i could go back to the forest…

  4. kaykuala says:

    A fairy tale cleverly written, Karen! This is the dilemma for youngsters these days. Do they wallow big time in FB and the social network. Or do they diligently face up to the homework and physical games routine of the ‘everyday’? Many strayed in cyberspace, get addicted and failed their parents. So the ‘everyday’ is ok, I would think!

    A wonderful take, Ma’am!


  5. rmpWritings says:

    a fun tale you weave. I have to admit their tale probably would sound quite unbelievable; they really pondered some good questions.

  6. brudberg says:

    Like this one very much, hallucinogenic icing is great. Love that one.

  7. Hi Karen – I like this idea very much – and it is the loss of wonder I pick up on – but also think about victims not being believed. Very good read! K

  8. lucychili says:

    we walk between the myth and the real

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