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A Poem about Grief

GRIEF My father set aside ten thousand dollars for my wedding day but reduced it by one-fourth each year I went to college. I not only went to college; I earned a Ph.D. and my father didn’t live to see … Continue reading

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A Fairy Tale Poem

LOST Hansel and Gretel, betrayed by birds their trail markers eaten, made it home at last, their faces smeared with cake, the witch’s hallucinogenic icing. Still no one believed their story. Even their glad father figured they were overdramatizing. Later … Continue reading

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A Travel Poem

MUSLIMS AT THE BEACH On the ferry to Langkawi, a Malay girl in jeans rides on deck, letting her head scarf slide down her hair until the wind takes it. On the island, a woman hikes up loose pants, kick-starts … Continue reading

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A Good Day — a Poem about My Mother

A GOOD DAY My mother was a beauty and dressed it.  One Sunday the preacher quipped, “Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” Now she’s 76.  Thin and hairless, she wears a cheap wig, … Continue reading

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Ghosts — a List Poem

GHOSTS The ghost of Christmas future, the ghost of Christmas past. The ghost of Hamlet’s father, the ghost of Poe’s Lenore. The ghost caught in a tree of burning fireflies. The ghost with eyes of coal. The ghost with missing … Continue reading

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